United Steelworkers Local 9548

United Steelworkers Local 9548 is a private sector union based in Sault Ste. Marie,Ontario Canada with more than 350 members. The USW 9548 represents the interests of the hourly employees under the multi-national company TenarisAlgomaTubes Inc., who produce energy tubular products for the Canadian oil and gas sector.

Our members are a diverse group of talented individuals who perform highly technical tasks with the highest level of safety, quality and environmental standards.Each member is a valued part of the union. Each individual plays an invaluable role in ensuring Canadian oil and gas producers can reliably count on our tubular products. Our members understand that health and safety is paramount and that working safely is a requirement of employment to ensure all workers in which we interact go home in the same (or better) condition then they arrived to work in. Our members understand that our quality is our customers safety and each member strives to provide the highest quality to tubes each and every day. Our members quality work also recognizes the importance of protecting Canada's pristine environment. Our members understand that high environmental standards are a requirement for a successful 21st century employer and our members practice protecting our environment each day, by following stringent policies on reducing, reusing and recycling that apply to all aspects of our operations.

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